„Wouldn’t it be great if one was able to believe in truth so much, that one always chooses the path of the lógos - without fear.“

NisiMasa is the spiritual persona of actor Paul-Louis Schopf.
It’s the ego that is greater than the one he usually refers to as I.
It’s the ego that sees more and that hears more.
It’s the ego that heals him, from the wounds he received by wandering on dangerous paths.
It’s the ego that helps him not to give in to the seduction and not to be revengeful.
It’s the ego that expresses itself through sound.

Even tough drawn to music and music production for his whole life, NisiMasa has been prevented by destructive influences from facing the power of this creativity for many years. Addictions and other destructive habits were used, simply not to face the risk of wandering the path of a true creative. Those who wander this path and want to be true to themselves and the world around them will have to face their inner demons, but will be rewarded with a life full of exciting experiences. NisiMasa’s music distills these experiences, the joyful as well as the dark ones, down to waveforms, that are intended to help the listener to find the truth. As a tool to find the power to face the truth. As a tool to not hide from the evident complexity of our realities, that all of us have to confront on a day-to-day basis. In times where it seems to be as tempting as never before to simplify our realities, art can help us to empower us to resist this temptation and focus on accepting complexity. For NisiMasa the temptation of withdrawing from reality came in many forms. Addicted to many behaviors that prevent a conscious state of mind he discovered music production and performance as a great way of empowering himself.

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